Residential Property Management and Consulting comes down to one concept: expectations.

Mperial Asset Management is focused on providing a variety of tailored solutions to issues and situations encountered in both the residential and commercial property management industry.

What you can expect from Mperial:
  • Direct line access to your property manager.
  • Prudent month-to-month financial planning and review.
  • Precise, monitored maintenance.
  • Excellent customer service for all users.
  • Immediate response within 24 hours.
  • Deep understanding of the individual property to better serve users.
  • Recovery of troubled developments and communities.
  • Provide boards with advice to improve properties.
  • Searches for qualified, responsible tenants that add value to a community.
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charles hass

Charles Hass

Mperial Asset Management Managing Director

Since 2005, Charles Hass and the Mperial Asset Management team have been working directly with condo associations, HOA’s, board members, owners and residents of multi-family properties as their property management partner. Browse our testimonials to learn more about the unmatched services provided by Mperial Asset Management.

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