Charles Hass

Mperial Asset Management Managing Director

(847) 757-7171

Since 2005, Charles Hass and the Mperial Asset Management team have been working directly with condo associations, HOA’s, board members, owners and residents of multi-family properties as their property management partner. Browse our testimonials to learn more about the unmatched services provided by Mperial Asset Management.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

    John P.Todd D.Gary T.Christine F.
  • Charles at Mperial Asset Management is an incredibly competent manager whom I have been working with for several years. He is on top of his game and very thorough in everything that he does. Mperial Asset Management manages our property of some 70 plus homes, he engages with the Home Owners Association board, to which I am the president. During this experience Charles has provide very impactful recommendations and guidance to the board allowing us to meet all of our financial obligations to the home owners as well as ensuring we have a solid plan for future maintenance and improvement projects. I don't think there can be a better manager that I could have asked for, he really makes the boards job so much easier than it would otherwise be. 
    John P.
  • As acting President of a Condo Association, I hired Mperial Asset Management to operate and manage the needs of the Association. This decision was based upon this company’s professional understanding of property management and practical implementation of requirements both required by law and policies set forth by the association. Consistent responsibility has been shown in fiscal management and implementation of fiscal resources, while showing operating results that have benefited our association. I have the highest respect for their integrity as a business person and as an individual, and their ethics and working relationships reflect the highest standards.
    Todd D.
  • Mperial Asset Management is very reliable, thorough and friendly. They are good at recognizing things that need to be done that may go beyond their job description, bringing them to our attention and addressing them as requested. I highly recommend this company.
    Gary T.
  • It is my pleasure to recommend Charles of Mperial Management. Charles and I have worked together in condominium communities throughout Lake County, Illinois where I have experienced Charles' commitment to service of community and residents alike.
    Christine F.